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Girls are very reserved when it comes to the issue of love and that is why you hardly see them walking up to a guy to pour out their mind. Girls always find it hard walking up to a guy there love to confess their feelings and the simple reason from research is that there are some immature guys out there who will use it against them. These types of guys will look down on them, call them cheap and would think there can’t live without them.

When you are flirting with a woman, it can be sometimes very hard to know whether she is really into you or just being mutual, kind and friendly. Since girls nowadays hardly confess their feeling to a guy, there often leave signals which they expect a guy to pick up and understand.

This is the simple reason a Nigerian girl will not tell you “ I love you” but will use phrases like ‘ ode’, ‘ big head’, ‘ you just forgot about me’,’ I don’t want your girlfriend to come and beat me’ and many more to express their feelings. Girls will always give signs if they like you and below are some of them.

1. Smiling when she is around you

Smiling is a great gestures that shows a girl likes you. If any lady always find it hard to stop smiling when she is around you, then it is a sign that she is into you already. Any lady who will always smile when she is around already likes you.

2. She would do her best to get noticed by you

Any girl who likes you will try all her best so that you can notice her. It ranges from tagging you in all her social media post to visiting your area so that you can call her aside. Even if both of you are in an occasion, she will find an excuse to be walking area where you are. This is a very important sign girls give especially if you have not expressed your feelings towards her.

3. She tends to get angry and feel sad when she sees you with another lady

It hurts to see someone you love flirting with another person and ladies are not exempted from this. Girls are very possessive and there will always find a reason to question you when there see you with another lady. A lady who truly likes you will get angry and even jealous when she sees you with another lady. Even taking pictures with another girl can hurt her. If you discover this sign with any girl, then she is into you.

4. She’s very touchy-feely with you

A lady who truly likes you will find every reason to touch you when both of you are together. Touch is one of the strongest signs that someone likes you. So if any lady often ‘accidentally’ brushes your leg or arm or preens you, she is already into you.

5. She asks you a lot of questions

A lady who is very inquisitive and wants to know everything about you is already into you. She also gets inquisitive about your relationship status. Guys, if you get tons of questions about your relationship status from any lady, then she desires a true friendship from you.

6. She finds you hilarious

Humor is one of the strongest traits women desire in a woman hence when she constantly laughs at you lame jokes, then she has a feeling for you. Research has shown that finding someone funny it’s more of a symptom of attraction hence a girl who likes you will always find you funny.

7. She draws attention to her neck and shoulders.

Is she constantly twirling a strand of hair, or playing with a necklace when she is with you? Then it is a sign that she likes you. When a woman draws attention to her delicate areas like her neck and shoulders, then she likes you.

8. She is always on her best behavior when she is around you

Girls tend to put on their best behavior when there is around someone there love. The simple reason is that she will want you to put on a good impression about her.

Guys, once any girl gives you these signals, don’t see her as being cheap, just pick it up and try your luck. If you also love her, go ahead.

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