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 I want us today to take an interest in women a little bit. A lot of people who disregard women's stuff do not know the most sensitive parts of women that I'm going to take with you today on a journey that you will never regret. 

Neck is the first one. Most people think the neck is not a sensitive part, but it is not because every nerve goes to the neck to communicate with the brain. If by chance, someone plays poorly with your shot, the second part is the ear.

 You're in " pain." The ear may seem less sensitive, but if anyone tries to touch yours, you'll see how you're going to respond, especially if it's the eardrum if anything goes into your ear, trust me that you're going to do anything to get it out.

The elbow and the knee are the last two parts, these two parts of the body don't let anybody try to mess with them because these parts are very sensitive, so you won't be able to bear their sensitivity if someone else touches them. Be sure to follow me for even more exciting posts now that you know which part of the body is extremely sensitive and be sure to leave your views in the comment section.

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