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Ghana Workers Complaint Statistics Hit 1.2M Between 2018 and 2019

Data released by the National Labour Commission (NLC) indicates that a total of about 750 to 900 workers of both public and private companies are filed complaints with commission for labour unrest issues in the country.

These figures have resulted in a cumulative figure of 1.2 million between 2018 and 2019.

The Chairperson of NLC, Mr. Andrew K. Asamoah disclosed thís when he was delivering a statement at the inauguration of the Greater Accra Regional Committee National Labour Commission held in Tema today ( Wednesday November 18,2020.

According to him, a total of 905 and 815 complaints of the workers from public and private institutions were filled with the Commission in 2018 and 2019.

He intimated that out of these figures, complaints against unfair termination were 222 for 2018 and 202 for 2019, representing 25% of the total complaints filed.

He bemoaned the growing trend of unfair termination of the workers issue which has been the norm over the years and claimed it has an adverse effects on both employees and employees.

‘These growing phenomenon of unfair termination of appointments issues between the employees and employers are affecting the progress of the two parties because the employees who should otherwise been in gainful employment rather being thrown out unfairly and the employers, who also loses resources by way of compensations for no services rendered.

“I therefore implore you to ensure that you establish appropriate policies and programmes for the overall management of the employment relationships, and at the same time engage capable and experienced persons to manage employment relations at the various enterprises,” he advised.

He stressed the need to intensify programmes in order to educate stakeholders on the labour laws.

We in the commission identified termination without reason, respect termination process -right of hearing, disciplinary committee and equitable composition of such committee, illegal strike(cost particular to private sector), record keeping (appointment, termination letters, file on personnel) and difference between criminal and administrative aspects of a case were some of the issues that came up during a deliberation process.

“While the National Labour Commission is committed to ensuring industrial justice and harmony, I will urge you as social partners to use dialogue at resolving your grievances and refer only those ones which are beyond you to the commission to minimize antagonism and strengthen partnership.

“Today, we have brought the commission’s services closer to our major clients in the Greater Accra Region to Tema, and so we have provided not only affordable justice but accessible justice as well,” he stated.

He assured workers of the NLC’s support to ensure that they access their services as much as possible.

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