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The Premier League plans to restart the coronavirus-affected season on June 8 as long as they are given the green light by the Government.

Premier League clubs have been told the remaining 92 matches of the 2019-20 season would have to be played at neutral venues.

On the whole the league's 'Project Restart' plans were well received but it is understood there was still opposition to the idea of not playing the remaining 92 matches of the 2019-20 season on a home-and-away basis.

However, clubs were told that was the only way they would be given the necessary safety clearances to play.

Clubs are expected to vote on the key principles of 'Project Restart' some time after May 7, when the Government must review the current UK lockdown.

Brighton chief executive Paul Barber said on Thursday that the idea of not playing matches home and away was a "further imperfection" on top of games being behind closed doors.

The UK national football policing lead, Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts of South Yorkshire Police, told the PA news agency on Wednesday that playing all matches in the Premier League and EFL at their original venues would "present challenges" for the emergency services at a time when they are already stretched.

It is understood there were still no discussions around declaring the season null and void or curtailing it, with France and Holland having been forced to end their competitions because of government orders.

The league is working with Government on the restart plans and the first meeting took place on Friday between medical officials from sports governing bodies, including the Premier League's Mark Gillett, and representatives from Public Health England.

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