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young lady identified only as Abena has cried out in the latest post on how she ended up divorcing her husband of 3 years because he was broke only to find out that he was ‘filthy rich and only pretending.

"My name is Abena. I’m in great pain and regret right now. 2 months ago, I left my husband, Tunde, just because he couldn’t provide for me the material things I needed to live largely and affluently like my mates. I abused him verbally, emotionally, and psychologically. I made him feel less of a man. I made him feel really bad about not being well of like other men in our neighborhood."

" My friends didn’t help matters at all. They gave me terrible advice on how to put more pressure on my husband for him to try harder as a man."

" We had only been married for 5 months when I decided to leave just to teach him a lesson because he refused to give me the 50,000 I asked him to give me for my Christmas shopping. He offered to give me 30k, begging me that the 30k was all he had. I threw the money at his face and it scattered all over the ground then I spat on him and told him that was the end of our marriage."

" The next thing I did was to go to our room and pack all my belongings, chattered a taxi then zoomed off. He was staring at me the whole of the time with angry eyes but he didn’t stop me from leaving anyway, I was surprised. And that was the last time I saw my husband."

' However, after a few months now, I’ve been hearing stories from here and there about my husband being a rich man and from a rich family. I thought it was all a joke and that people were just playing with my emotions. Until I went to see things myself.'

"Tunde was not only wealthy but also the owner of a multi-million naira company. I ran into one of his friends who told me the whole story. Tunde loved me from the very first time he saw me but he decided to approach me like he was just a common company worker earning 60k and living in a 1 bedroom apartment. He just wanted to test me if I was a good woman and not the type that would just be after his money.

I cried and cried my eyes out and almost fainted when I eventually saw my husband driving a very expensive car with another woman sitting in front with him. I wanted to approach him and beg but I don’t know how I’m even going to start begging him to accept me back."

"I need advice please, what should I do. I’m broken."

It seems to be like drama to you, isn't it? But it is real story which happened recently. We couldn't control her emotions, we need your views to help her out.

We welcome your views in the comment section below.

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