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The former Real Madrid star reportedly won a tough bidding war against two other millionaires in order to purchase the £6.1m (€7.2 m) luxury flat in the Castilho 203 building in the Avenida de Liberdade area of the city.It is reported to be 3,100 square feet and includes a spa, an indoor swimming pool, a gym, the latest in electro domestics and three large bedrooms.
It is reported to be 3,100 square feet [Courtesy]

Ronaldo’s latest real estate acquisition is located next to the Eduardo VII Park, close to the neighbourhood he spent some of his humble beginnings and where he recently admitted he received hamburgers from a restaurant given to him by some of the kitchen staff.Ronaldo’s latest real estate acquisition is located next to the Eduardo VII Park [Courtesy]

The flat adds to the Ronaldo’s large property empire, with the former Manchester United star recently selling a stunning mansion for £2.1m (€2.5m) to his former Real Madrid teammate Pepe located in the Geres area of northern Portugal.The mansion was reportedly built from the ground up ten years ago during his time at Manchester United and was used when the superstar wanted to enjoy some privacy.The mansion was reportedly built from the ground up ten years ago during his time at Manchester United [Courtesy]

However, the site has since become a tourist spot for football lovers.

Ronaldo was bought by Juventus from Spanish club giants Real Madrid for £105.3m in 2018.Ronaldo scored twice in Juventus 3-1 win over Udinese this weekend. They are equals on 39 points in Serie A with Inter Milan but are second on goal difference.

Cristiano Ronaldo may be the world’s best footballer but just like any athlete, he gets tired and weary from all the training and matches. Just like any athlete, he needs time to rest, relax and recuperate. Now if you wonder where the best player in football goes home during his free days to relax like a go? You are about to find out. Read on.
The title is a dead giveaway—this article will feature some of Cristiano Ronaldo’s ostentatiously luxurious cribs. These are houses only people who are as wealthy as The Real Madrid player can ever buy and own. They cost millions, and they have the most beautiful architectural designs and the plushest amenities you will ever lay your eyes on.
Some athletes invest in businesses. Cristiano Ronaldo invests in real estate. The world’s most popular and highest paid athlete has purchased a number of lavish residential properties over the span of his highly celebrated football career. These mansions are located in some of the most exclusive, most private, and most expensive places on earth. With a net worth of $450M, he’s a guy who can afford the luxury.

Let’s take a look at Cristiano Ronaldo’s houses:
La Finca Mansion

Photo via

Ronaldo’s La Finca residence has a price tag of $6.2 million. Standing on a lot that measures 8,600 square feet, it has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, as well as a couple kids’ playrooms and an awards-filled trophy room where he probably displays his Ballon d’Or trophies. It also has gorgeous living areas, a state of the art kitchen space, and a dining area that boasts of dazzling facilities as well as a chic round table where the superathlete does all the eating. The place where he usually devours food, however, is only his second most favorite place in the house as the one that tops the list is his very own bedroom! Why? He spends almost half a day each day in this place to help him recuperate. After getting a lot of sleep, he is in top form once more! The outside is equally stunning as well. There is a garden with a massive swimming pool, plus—guess what—a hot tub. A small football pitch can be found here, too.

Photo via

It comes as no a surprise that a world renowned personality like Cristiano would buy a house in La Finca, which is a very private, highly secure place. The paparazzi cannot easily get in, which is advantageous to a big star like CR7. Security cameras are positioned along the roads to monitor who goes in and out of the village, plus the houses are being shielded from the public view with the help of metal fences that stand eight feet tall.
New York Apartment

Yes, Cristiano also has a home in one of the most prominent concrete jungles in the world, New York City! It was previously speculated that this specific purchase was made in preparation for a possible transfer to MLS once his Real Madrid contract expired. However, last year, the footballer signed a brand new six-year deal with Real at a record breaking sum. So, that proves the rumor was not true at all!

Photo via Business Insider

Anyway, Mr. Ronaldo’s NYC apartment (measures 2,509 square feet) is located in Trump Tower, and is part of the building’s “L-Line” spaces. Well, the ones included in this special category have a nice view of the Hudson River, the Empire State Building, and the Central Park to name a few. That being said, apartments in this “clique” are madly expensive.

Photo via Business Insider

Cristiano’s is priced at a dizzying $18.5 million, and was designed by Juan Pablo Molyneux, whose expertise is maximalism. So, expect the house to be redundantly gorgeous. Every single area looks classy, and the pieces of furniture are just sublime. It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, boasts of a gourmet kitchen and two marble bathtubs.

Photo via Business Insider

This property was previously owned by President Donald Trump’s business partner, an Italian tycoon named Alessandro Proto. Also, it is interesting to note that this same exact apartment was the inspiration behind Christian Grey’s infamous bachelor pad. How about that?
Heard through the grapevine, the athlete has plans of purchasing another lavish apartment in the same tower. It is a lot bigger, and has stunning marble floors and wood paneling. It has a price tag of $23 million, a little pricier than the other one.
Alderley Edge Mansion

Here is that one house Cristiano does not want anymore—a massive property in one of the most exclusive places in the U.K., Alderley Edge in Cheshire Village. It is currently up for sale, which constantly reminds fans that CR7 may never play for Manchester United ever again. The Real Madrid player bought it back in 2006 for $6 million. The five-storey mansion includes five bedrooms, bathrooms for him and her, and has mirrored ceilings as well. It also has a media room and a cinema, as well as an indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and gym. It is surrounded by tall gates as well as a high security fence to protect his privacy, especially from the paparazzi.

Photo via

This property, however, stirred up some controversy way back as it did not sit well with residents as many of them thought it was way too big for its designated area, ruining the proportion of the whole place. A smaller house had to be demolished to make way for a mansion Cristiano wanted, and some thought it was such an insensitive and brutal move.

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In 2014, it was reported that Manchester United left back Luke Shaw was renting the said mansion from Cristiano for $9000 dollars each month. A reliable source dished that Shaw loved the house so much the fact that it was owned by one of his greatest football heroes.
InApril 2017, Cristiano Ronaldo added yet another real estate piece to his growing collection. The Real Madrid star officially became the first resident of the Cocobay Towers in Vietnam. Prices of units at Cocobay range from VND 1,615,000,000.00 for the one-bedroom 45 sqm unit to VND 4,068,000,000.00 for the two-bedroom 82 sqm unit.

Photo via youtube

This just proves that CR7 is still on the prowl for more properties. You can’t stop or blame him though, he earned only $93M last year according to

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