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About a year ago, I bumped into an old friend one evening and we decided to have a drink so we could catch up on old times. This is a very popular person who hosts a successful radio and TV show and also manages a thriving business on the side.

She told me that she has been unable to hold down a man especially Ghanaian men because it seems the few she fancies are intimidated by her fame and success. We had a lengthy discussion which lasted for hours and we shared ideas on what we believe the modern partner needs. She inspired this write-up so at least Ghanaian men understand what the modern woman wants in a man.

1. AMBITIOUS : The modern woman likes an ambitious man. You must be seen as someone who sets goals and works hard at achieving it.

2. FRIEND AND GREAT LISTENER : women like to have conversations and they love for you to listen. Even if you have heard the tale before let her complete it. She also wants you to be a friend and companion. Someone she can gossip with, chat and monkey about with. Many men are too serious or feel bossy. When they come home it’s like everything freezes. The modern woman wants a man who lights up the home with his positive attitude and demeanor. Gone are the days when the man had to be feared to be respected.

3. HELPFUL  UNDERSTANDING : the modern woman works really hard and juggles multiple tasks. Men need to be very understanding and be willing to assist with basic chores at home. If the modern man can assist with fixing some meals for the home, it’s a plus. However, if you’re unwilling to assist you should have a skilful way of navigating your way out of it. Lol. The point is you must be conscious of all the hard work the woman has to put in at work and at home so you must assist or not treat her like your house help. She’s not. She’s supposed to compliment you.

4. SUPPORTIVE AND CONFIDENT : some men are ridiculously intimidated by successful women. The modern woman needs a man who is supportive and confident to handle her. It doesn’t matter how “old or even high up the success ladder” a woman is, her emotions are practically the same. It doesn’t matter if she earns twice what you earn, give her the support she requires intellectually and emotionally.

 It’s shocking that there are many women who are single just by virtue of the fact that they are successful. The modern woman is turned on by confident men who look beyond her bank account and see her as woman… as a beautiful, brainy woman with emotional and physical needs. Every woman wants to be loved and taken care of and they expect the modern man to know how to melt the façade they might have put up.

5. RESPECT HER OPINION : The modern woman has a sophisticated mind and you don’t have to lord yourself over her. It’s important to respect her opinion and if you disagree strongly with her opinion explain why you disagree. Gone are the days when men were tin gods at home.

6. GREAT SENSE OF HUMOUR : life is already stressful away from the home. The modern woman wants a man with a great sense of humour and a lovely personality. Women have various moods due to regular hormonal changes in the cause of the month and the modern woman expects the man to be sophisticated enough to understand and be the bright spot in the home.

7. NEAT AND ROMANTIC : The modern man must be neat and pay attention to his looks. Gone are the days when you wear 1 pair of socks from Monday-Friday or keep an unkempt finger nails. The modern woman automatically picks certain subtle signals starting from the shoes you wear to how you carry yourself. You must keep a neat crib and take good care of yourself. You must always smell GOOD.

8. POLITENESS WITHOUT BEING OVERLY FRIENDLY WITH HER FRIENDS : Don’t be overly friendly with her friends. Be very polite but don’t be quick to join their conversations. Brevity is key when you need to join their conversation. Some men don’t know when to leave their woman and her friends alone. As much as possible leave them alone to enjoy girl time. No woman will want her man to be disrespected by her friends and familiarity breeds contempt.

9. ADVENTUROUS AND EXPRESSIVE : The modern woman can’t stand boring men. You must be adventurous and willing to sweep her off her feet with some kpa kpa kpa movements. The modern woman also hates hypocritical man. If you have some naughty stuff on your mind just share it, share it seductively and she’s most likely to be game.

10. NOT OVERLY PROTECTIVE : some men are overly protective and feel like they must put satellite on the women. The modern woman is turned off by insecure men. The modern woman loves attention but hates to be suffocated. Give them space because you must remember that apart from you they have a life to live!!!

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