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In the case in which a 51-year-old mother was exposed to allegedly bedding her daughter’s ex-boyfriends after persuading her to dump them, more nasty details have emerged.

According to fresh reports this publication has received, the sex-starved woman who hogged headlines last month for bedding her daughter, Nomalanga Mathole’s boyfriends recently revealed the reason behind her immoral behavior.

In an interview,the licentious cougar revealed that she was instructed by a sangoma to sleep with Nomalanga’s boyfriends so that her business ventures would blossom. She said that the sangoma had given her some herbs which she was to bath with and apply before having sex with her daughter’s boyfriends.

The sangoma only wanted a R2 500 once-off payment. She (the sangoma) made it clear she won’t make me rich, but will help me revive and keep my businesses.

I stole my daughter’s phone and looked for her ex’s number. I felt very bad and lied when she found out.

I told her I had no idea this was the guy she had told me about,She said one of her supermarkets started booming after she poked the first ex.

I wanted to stop, but also wanted my other businesses back. The sangoma told me my businesses would go away if I stopped poking the exes.

She said her businesses were doing well so far.

A heartbroken Nomalanga revealed that she had not forgiven her mother for her wicked deeds and also added that her mother was not justified for committing the offence, whatever the reason.

I would be lying if I said I have forgiven my mother. She should have at least told me.
We were best friends. She needs to stop and find other ways of making money if she values our relationship.

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