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Prominent inventor and educator Professor Fred McBagonluri has stressed that the use of the cane in ensuring discipline among children should not be stopped or discouraged as suggested by a Deputy Education Minister Dr Yaw Adutwum, insisting that there is power to and in the cane.

Dr Yaw Adutwum, a Deputy Education Minister in Ghana had stated that countries that do not mete out corporal punishment to school children, such as the US, have been to the moon and back but in Ghana, where pupils and students have been subjected to corporal punishment for about 60 years, has not been able to make such advances in science.

To buttress his point against caning in schools, the Deputy Education Minister emphasized that he had lived in the US and experienced how children endured no caning yet did well in school.

But in a sharp rebuttal, the award-winning engineer and President of the Academic City College in Ghana argued that the cane is a tool of discipline tested and proven to be effective while other forms of bringing children to order remain untested and their effectiveness unsubstantiated, suggesting that those who went to the moon were probably the last batch of US students who were caned.

Prof McBagonluri further argued that notwithstanding some negative effects of caning, it has proven to be an effective tool that has shaped many children into responsible adults.

“…There is a fine line between discipline and abuse. I am definitely not advocating headhunting. What no one seems to answer is what replaces the cane and still provides results? Other forms of punishment undefined unsubstantiated and untested are statements of dereliction.

Yes a few kids were scared by the cane. Yes. A few people adversely reacted to quinine and paracetamol. Do we stop dispensing these? When does your 5yr old son start to wear his mother’s bra and other accouterments after a few warnings about what happens next? TV commentary?” He argued on social media.

My complementary comment on this GHANA'S trial an error and copying from other countries educational systems, is disgusting. You can not compare the white man's child to the black man's child. Ghana harshly rashes for independent, what is happening nowadays? 

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