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Micah Regalias who was born in the month of November, 1994 has been considered as the man with the largest hip after he took a measurement of his body parts and declared the value on his Instagram handle years ago.

Micah Regalias bears the name Regalias_mimi94 on his social media handle.

PHOTOS of the man with the largest hips , Micah Regalias can be seen below.

Micah who happens to be 26 years currently is a vocalist as well as a songwriter. He is known for singing on an octave of 5.

After Micah, uploaded his body measurements on his Instagram handle years ago, it brought about lots of reactions from lots of people all over the world making reference to his hour glass shape and his massive hips.

A lot of people were saying he had undergone surgery to bring about such kind of large hips. However, the vocalist cleared the air stating that he never carried out any transformation on his body to bring about such hour glass shape and large hip.

The body measurements he took had the following values. Chest: 41.5", waist 37", butt/hips 63".

Although a lot of people commended his shape, a few people body shamed him stating that he had an abnormality and needed medication attention.

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