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One transfer that will seal Man Utd’s demise; Liverpool duo shine at Anfield

Manchester United fans fear for the club if they pull off one mooted deal in January, while Liverpool readers are amazed at two performers against Sheffield United – all in Your Says of the Day.

Conversation below;


Difficult to give a man of the match: Gini was great, VVD was VVD, Gomez was really really good but for me Henderson just shades it. He was like metronome today, keeping things ticking along and doing the dirty work too, infact how is Fabinho going to get back in? lol


Henderson MOTM for me, getting better and better, no messing around from him.

The whole team is giving 100% to secure this league title as soon as possible. Minamino to hopefully raise the tempo even higher


A very easy win, very disappointed in Sheffield Utd, so defensive, we seemed to just stroll around which made it good for the players, but the match was so so boring.
Agree with Henderson being MOM, mainly because no one stood out.
Gomez again was very good, & once again Firmino except for a few delightful touches was poor.
With this said don’t mind winning a boring game it is another 3 points


Gomez was excellent, but for me MOTM was Henderson.

Klopp has a good dilemma to look forward to when all his centre backs are fit, with 3 of them fighting to start alongside Van Dijk.

As I said before, if they’re all performing really well, he could even rest Van Dijk on occasion


Agree with what’s been said about Gomez and Hendo but just wanted to add that Milner put in a real good shift as well. Up and down the pitch he was everywhere.


Jm1502 sean longstaff is a great lad with potential. Exactly the type of player the club can now only attract therefore the story definitely has legs. £50m for longstaff is feasible considering we spent £130m on maguire and wan bissaka

Not a surprise Carrick is pushing through the transfer because the lad is from Newcastle.


Longstaff is nothing other than a bang average plod donkey, a very poor man’s Scott McTominay. He hasn’t even been a regular starter in a totally shite Newcastle team this season, and I wouldn’t even be paying 5m for the useless fucker, never mind 50 million smackers.
If Carrick is truly the one pushing Ole to sign him up then it’s no wonder we play like a team full of clueless strangers most weeks, simple as that.


rs83-Longstaff is a very young player and therefore with plenty of time to improve,but we need a few players to come in now and make sure we fight for trophies.That and combined with giving our own youth the chance to play,like Chelsea are doing.


If United pay £50 million for Sean Longstaff then I fear for the club more than I do right now. For those saying he’s really young, he’s 23 this year and has done absolutely nothing to justify that price tag.

His brother is bloody better than he is.

Why are we obsessed with English/British players? There are better foreign players out there for much less money. Look at Julian Weigl for example. Arguably better than our current midfielders (less Pogba/Fred) and is sold for £20 million. Sean Longstaff is not 2.5x the player he is.

This talk about United DNA, I don’t get it. If that was the case then why doesn’t Williams get in over Shaw despite his performances? Why doesn’t Tuanzebe, when fit start instead of Lindelof? Why are we persisting with Lingard and risk letting Angel Gomes leave? The United DNA comes from playing the youth, not buying average British players.


Spot on @nath44,and both Weigl & Kulusevski would have been better than all our midfielders,not counting Pogba since he never plays.Now we are ready to pay £35m for E.Can,apparently??



If we win the next 3 PL games, I’m calling the PL title. We’re not only the best team in the world… we’re playing to the level of a legendary side, maybe with some great luck and a continuation, we could be the best ever English team.

I’m not getting my hopes up because of course you see bumps in the road. If we somehow don’t see this though, that’s exactly what we’ll be.

I just want the Pl title though , so I’ve the next 3 games earmarked. I had the past 2 also in fact but we’ve won them both and I was very impressed with us today.

How good is Gomez again? To those who prefer Matip, are you sure? It doesn’t have to be a “you’re wrong and an idiot!”.. it can just be about learning to appreciate what a player can do for us.

I’ve always said that Gomez is one of the best CBs in the PL and if he can just shake the injuries, he’ll hold this form NP.


Most important thing is to focus on winning the next game against Spurs.

Despite the greatness of this team, I would tone down the praise, as we have not won the league yet. As Henderson said yesterday, there is still room for improvement, and that will keep the team’s feet on the ground, and make them reach for even higher heights


I agree songman. Nothing has been achieved yet. We just need to keep going.

Huge few games coming up. Absolutely perfect Christmas for us but let’s just keep going.

Just so many games left. I just can’t go overboard yet

Sean the sailor

Quite right Sean, the media is hyping us up, talking about records etc, but if we get beaten, they’ll have a field day and make such a big story about it.

We just have to focus on winning the next game only, no title talk, work to become even better, and see where we end up at the end of the season.

Don’t think Klopp will be getting carried away, and he’ll keep the players grounded



i disagree that we dont put money in or support managers, we are right up there in the top 5 or so for expendature, we just havent bought that well and always in attack so very unbalanced, i think there will be some goings and some coming in, likley not January but in the summer and we will get players that he wants rather than the club wants, to build his jigsaw…..


I have never believed it’s all about the spend. We can’t shop at the top top table and we never will be able to. Even if we could there is no Guarantee. We need a platform, stable club, stable structure and then do it organically. As I said Arteta has had a great start in terms of just getting his message across so quickly but just worried we start going over board and then next week we will all be saying it’s a mistake. There will be bumps along the way and I want to see how he comes through those but I think the boys upstairs could have played a blinder in getting him and I was not at all convinced.

Some of the things he has done seem obvious, the obvious one is the team is much more compact and what happens is, if Xhaka ,prime example, gets turned or beaten you end up running straight into a defender or torr so the gap is now behind the back four not in front. Xhaka needs to stay at least to the end of the season we just don’t have better at the moment plus he is playing well and his partnership with Torr has been excellent since arteta took over.

Ozil is another beneficiary and is actually working hard for the team and AMN is a right back forget any other position. I think hulk has been much better this season any way before arteta came back in that he has learned to defend a bit better and is fitter and he is still one of our more potent attacking options. Anyway Great waking up and we have won had forgotten what that felt like!



Solskjaer gets a free pass as a club legend but he’s simply not qualified and never has been. He’s dug an almighty hole for himself by trying to be everyone’s friend and has created an atmosphere where losing is acceptable. Mourinho was/is an egotistical prick who everybody got fed up with but there has to be some middle ground.

The players feared Fergie but they also respected him AND were willing to run through a brick wall for him. The only thing this lot would go through for Ole is an instagram filter. They’re definitely not free of blame but Ole is regrettably not the right man to reverse the trend and neither are any of his backroom staff. It was fun for a few weeks but we’re a laughing stock now and nothing will change until Solskjaer & his staff, Woodward and the majority of the players have found new jobs far, far away from Old Trafford.


Roy – Pochettino would not change that though would he? And the question is, if we got Pochettino in, how long would he get before we’d be asking for him to be sacked as well? A year? 2 years?


Happy, sacking a manager is not something I like to advocate but it’s just painfully clear that Ole is out of his depth. I didn’t mention Pochettino but I still think he would do a better job despite walking into a rat infested shithole.

Anyway, you’ve started contradicting yourself yet again so I’m not going to bother. You’re perfectly capable of disagreeing with yourself by yourself and I seem to recall you screaming for Ole to be sacked, calling everyone shit but now you say we’re a well run club, only we’re not because there isn’t a manager who could put things right.

I would actually have no problem with you saying we were “good to go” as that would just be your opinion but I simply don’t think you have an opinion because they seem to constantly change without any reason or logic.


@happy – You just cannot keep saying that there is nobody else out there who could in any way improve on the job that Ole is currently doing, that’s just complete hogwash mate. You know full well that he is out of his depth and is totally incapable of doing this job to any sort of an acceptable level in the long term, you’ve intimated as much on several occasions.

To keep him on beyond the summer and to give him a other big wedge to waste without a very unlikely dramatic improvement between now and the end of the season would be total insanity, simple as that.



Just to prevent an Aindro thread.😊

Team selection for this one will be interesting.

It’s a game we need to win A) to progress in a competition which with some luck of the draw etc we’ve got a chance of potentially winning and B) because we need to get this home form monkey of our backs.

nine nine nine


I imagine a whole host of changes here to give the majority of our first teasers much needed rest after a hectic Xmas period. While I want to win this I’m not gonna get too cut up over it as the league and CL is the priority and we need to give lads a rest. Because it’s against Everton there’s that little bit of extra edge to it. Very difficult to predict an exact team but can see the likes of Adrian, Philips, Williams, Jones, Lallana, Origi, Elliot, Minamino all starting.
I’m not sure who’s gonna play leftback, centreback and midfield, perhaps we’ll see Milner in there somewhere.


Possibly a team like the following?

Williams Gomez Phillips Milner
Wijnaldum Lallana Jones
Minamino Origi Elliott

While the competition is not important for us this season (due to the PL pursuit and numerous injuries) the boys will raise their game cause it’s Everton, and at Anfield


Could very well be something like that Songman.


I’d go with something like that songman

Maybe rest Winji aswell?

Sean the sailor


Got a feeling we’ll do this. We owe these tw@ts a beating.


2-1 wolves


I think wolves will beat us relatively easily 2-0


Depends on which Utd turns up. Bare bones midfield wise, but if he plays Lingard he should be publicly flogged. We need the third midfielder.


Wolves to win. 2-1.

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