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A lady who asked that her identity be hidden shared her sad story in a Facebook group, “tell it mums” about how her elderly sister has been sleeping with her husband and seriously needs advice.

According to this anonymous lady, she is married with 2 kids and her husband complains about how she is not good in bed which she confided in her sister who was staying with them.

She stated that her sister started teaching her how to be good in bed and so many things but didn’t know they were sleeping with each other already.

The lady said one day walked on herr husband licking her sister’s pu$$y after she forgot her phone at home.

Read the full story below;

“ls hide my identity. Please my fellow women help me out. Am dying slowly. Tears has become my food. Please my fellow women, don’t trust ur husband no matter what. Am 25years with 2 kids and am married. And my senior sister is staying with us. Because she is still single. So I asked her to come and stay with us and work .so my husband always complained that am not good on bed. Though am trying my best but he says that is not enough. So I told my sister about it. So my sister started teaching me how to handle my man on bed. She teaches me what to be eating so that I will always in the mood. So many things. I don’t know that my stupid husband was busy listening to our conversations. I don’t even know when he asked my sister out. Ohooooo my gosh. My heart is bleeding. This 2 has been having an affair under my nose. How can I be so stupid to trust my sister. One day I want to market a buy food stuff. My add sister didn’t go to work because she was sick. My husband took off from work. So on my way I forget my phone. I drive back to collect my phone because I need to call my friend. When I got home, ohooooo my gosh. What I saw my cant say it. I saw my husband sucking my sister’s pussy. Ohooooo I feel like killing my sister. Since then my husband is begging me to forgive him. Even my mom too. But I can’t. I just want to ran away with my husband’s money. Ghs50,000 at least to start up a business and take care of my children. Please advise me on what to do if you are on my shoes. Thank you.”

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