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Ofori Amponsah, musician

Leaving the pulpit for the microphone was something many didn’t expect to happen but the unfortunate occurred and Ofori Amponsah who retired from highlife music to focus on spreading the word of God backslided.

Years after shutting down his church, Family of Faith and Love Ministries, to mount stages and entertain music lovers with his classic songs, the ‘Cinderella’ crooner says life without God is worthless.

In a chat with Kofi Adomah on Kofi TV, Ofori Amponsah recalled his days before his rise to fame as a musician.

According to Ofori Amponsah, “I worshipped with the Church of Pentecost, Abeka District until I found my new love in writing love songs. I never knew I would become Ofori Amponsah.”

Mr. All4Real as he’s called among his peers intimated that he was a strong Christian and committed to the things of God before he left the church to do music.

He said as a believer, one should be closer to God at all times so that life would not be pointless irrespective of the path one chooses.

“I later discovered that I can write love songs. People didn’t know that I started fellowship before becoming Ofori Amponsah. I love prayers and fellowship. One thing I would like to make clear is that life without GOD is difficult.” he said.

The ‘Emmanuella’ hit singer divulged how deeply hurt he was when he suffered brokenheart.

At a point in time, Ofori Amponsah said he became a loner and didn’t want to have anything to do with anyone, not even music.

The musician, whose real name is Samuel Ofori Amponsah, disclosed that the incident somewhat revived his faith which led to the establishment of a church per the advice of a prophet.

“The only thing I could remember at that moment was to pray. I was there one day when a prophet called me and advised me that if I don’t run to God, nothing will work out well for me,” he stated

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