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An expert in Information Technology and systems analysis who was instrumental in the setup of the Ghana Card architecture during his time at the National Identification Authority, Yayra Koku Deku has given out detailed technical and administrative setbacks in the Ghana Card system that makes it impossible to be used as the voting card or for a new register in 2020.

His comment comes after Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia on Sunday gave an indication that the national identification card, the Ghana Card, could be a key requirement for registration as a voter in next year’s elections.

He said the Ghana Card, with its unique identification qualities, will eliminate the usual rancour over the Voters’ Register and ensure its credibility.

But in an article copied to, Yayra Koku said he found the suggestion for the use of the Ghana Card for purposes of electioneering “laughable” as there are administrative and technical considerations that were not factor in creating the NIA Ghana Card setup.

Read his full write-up:

I have seen some people saying we will use the GhanaCard for voting in 2020 or use NIA data to compile a new voter’s register or use it as a primary document in the upcoming voter’s register.

I can’t stop laughing because it is NEVER possible both technically and administratively when it comes to using it to vote or using it to compile the voter’s register. They have shot it down by themselves ignorantly or unknowingly because they didn’t think about some administrative and technical issues before embarking on the mass registration. 

I won’t reveal those technical and administrative factors here. As for using it as a primary document to get a voters ID card, it won’t work because they have so far registered less than 4million people and about 30 to 40% of the registered people still don’t have their cards. So how can you use that for over 12million voters?

I’m still laughing. They were in a rush because they came to meet everything cooked for them and instead of taking time to do more consultation, they rather sidelined and sacked some people. No wonder in their rush, they printed a fake card for Akufo-Addo during the commissioning of the NIA system (photo attached compare to Kufuors own). It is important to state that, it will only take an ignorant person to believe that the current government used 10months to start a new system.

Let it be on record that the current NIA system is not an initiative of the NPP government. Never. In fact, the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for the system was done in December 2016. It was left with the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and piloting of the system for kick-off when NDC lost the election.

It is important to state again that the Foreigners Identity Management Systems (FIMS) which started around 2013 by NIA was a pilot for the current system and building of the new system started in late 2015. Under the FIMS project, foreigners are issued instantly with foreigners card after paying a sum of $120. It is that project that has given birth to the new system.

“The existing arrangement between NIA and their private partners are laudable so the government has therefore given approval for the existing arrangement to continue” – Frema Opare (Chief Of Staff)

I just paraphrased her letter to NIA to give approval for NIA to continue with the arrangement with the private partner. So with this, how can anyone think that the current NIA system is or was an NPP initiative.

Let me end here and let anyone challenge me and I will bring all the documents to expose them.

Next is why it makes no sense to do a new voters register…

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