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Prophet Mixes ‘Anointing Oil’ With S_ex Stimulant Before Pouncing On Minor

A s3x starved Gutu pedophile masquerading as a cleric allegedly deceived a 15-year-old into having s3x with him under the guise that the act would cure her menstrual problems and stomach pain.

According to reports reaching iHarare, the self-styled prophet, Martin Jeke, approached the girl (name withheld) at a house where she worked as a housemaid. Jeke then informed the complainant that he had been inspired by the ‘Holy Spirit’ to assist her with her condition.

The juvenile who had menstrual problems was then coerced into drinking a herbal concoction and squeezing some herbs onto her privates so as to cure her. After the process, the juvenile felt a strong s_exual desire but the menstrual pain persisted.

The man of cloth then left and told the complainant that he would return to check on her progress. Upon his return, Jeke told the complainant that they should have s_ex twice to assist with the healing process. 

The  complainant agreed and they went to a nearby bush and had s3xual intercourse once. After the act, Jeke then told the juvenile that he would visit her the next day and have s3x so as to complete the treatment.

The matter only came to light after the complainant told a neighbor Vetasi Muzipe who directed her to Richard Ziwewe, a police officer who later arrested Jeke.

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