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FIX US, produced by Yvonne Nelson’s  YN Productions, tells the story of three young ladies who take on a journey of faith and fate.

When Naadie (Yvonne Nelson), Chioma (Yvonne Okoro) and Jaya (Alexandra Amon) run into eah other at an audition, they are bound by their common dream to be movie stars and form a friendship that can hardly be broken.

But when their dreams are eventually actualised, they soon realise that they want even something more from life.

Something more that money cannot buy. Something more that fame cannot give. Something more that they must find for themselves.

The movie to some extent highlights what goes on behind the scenes in the lives of some actors.

“Our gift to you this Christmas... The official end of year movie,” Yvonne Nelson said when she announced the movie on Friday.

“Are you ready ? December 6th at the Silverbird Cinemas...A must watch movie..See you there,” Yvonne Okoro also said on Instagram.

“This movie will keep you on your toes.. have you gasping, have you grabbing the arm seats. Book an entire row of seats as soon as the tickets are out,” Michelle Attoh added.

“Happy new month fam.. What better way to celebrate my birthday 6th December “FIX US” Premieres,” Prince David Osei also said.

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