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New study report has revealed that about 50% of ladies in relationships have a particular guy in mind they will always date if their current relationship doesn’t end well.

The study revealed that almost half of all women have a back-up plan put in place in the event of a breakup from their current partner.

What this means is that a woman has another man in mind as her Plan-B in the event of a break-up. In fact, married women are more likely to have a second option in place as compared to those in a relationship.

The study further indicated that in most cases it is an old friend, who has harboured feelings for the particular woman or it could also be an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband.

A colleague or her friend at the gym are also prospective candidates as per the study.

During the survey, 1000 women were used and some of them also said that Plan B could be somebody whom they have known since as long as seven years.

Meanwhile, one in ten women also said that their Plan B had confessed their feelings to them already.

Also, more than four out of ten women, in fact, said that they familiarised with the other man or Plan B during their existent relationship. A small percentage of women also said that their feelings for their back-up plan were equivalent to the amount that they have for their partner. So, you must have guessed the next statement by now.

As per the study published in Daily Mail, around twelve per cent of the women said that their feelings for Plan B were “stronger” than for their current partner.

Most of those, who took the poll, admitted that their current partners were aware of their back-up plan. On that note, some women said that their partners were able to accept jokes concerning their back-up plans but on the other hand, some men felt quite “uncomfortable” when their girlfriends discussed it.

Unsurprisingly, some women said that their fall-back partner was a friend of their current partner. But men, we also have a piece of news that might calm your soul after reading details of this research. One in three women said they “doubt” whether anything at all would materialise with Plan-B.

But a slight percentage also said that it could be possible. Speaking about the survey, a spokesman for online market research company told Daily Mail, “For our research to establish that 50 per cent of women in relationships have a ‘Plan B’ is a worrying sign. This news may cause a few men in relationships to think twice about not taking the rubbish out or choosing a night down the pub in favour of a cosy night in with his partner.”

“The saying that “the grass isn’t always greener” clearly isn’t deterring women of today. They understand that anything can happen and are ensuring they have a solid back up plan should things go sour with their current man. With sites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with an old flame. Men need to be aware of any ‘old friends’ that turn up out of the blue that’s for sure,” the spokesman added.

Credit: Daily Mail

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