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COMPANY: AngloGold Ashanti (Ghana) Limited
STATE: Obuasi
JOB TYPE: Full-Time
JOB CATEGORY: Engineering Jobs in Ghana

AngloGold Ashanti (Ghana) Limited is currently on a journey to redevelop the Obuasi Gold Mine into a modern, efficient and long-term profitable operation. The underground mining operation will be fully mechanized, designed to produce up to an average maximum of 5,000 t/day of ore mined.

We are seeking an experienced and self-motivated person to join our dedicated team as Senior Winder Engine Driver.


The Senior Winder Engine Driver is accountable for coordinating the work schedules, training, monitoring and control of quality of work of winder drivers to ensure the operation is at all times fully compliant with LI2182, safe, in accordance with other compliance requirements, operational and Engineering policies, standards, systems and procedures to maximise plant availability in a compliant, safe, sustainable cost-effective manner and minimize operational risks in order to meet the business’ strategic objective.


The role holder is accountable for training personnel to obtain and maintain a winding engine driver's certificate of competency issued by the Chief Inspector of Mines in accordance with LI2182, (Reg 450).
The role holder is accountable for the skills matrix including Medical fitness in accordance with LI2182, (Reg 451).

The role holder is accountable for coordinating the Winder Drivers work, the monitoring of work and reporting deficiencies, of all recording of operations and reporting required of Winder Drivers under LI2182 (especially Reg 452-458).

Lead by example to create a safe working environment, where risks are assessed and managed so tasks are performed without risk of injury or harm.

Continuous improvement of design and field safety performance.
Inspections, audits, JHA, etc. of the Safety Management System delivering compliance.
Timely investigation of all injuries, illness, and incidents with actions plans developed to prevent recurrences.

Identification of safety training needs, delivery of safety training requirements to enable personnel to safely perform their designated work
Ensure monitoring and data collection to demonstrate execution of the Shaft maintenance work in Statutory Inspections of Shafts, Transporting and Slinging of Materials and all other shaft related Jobs in accordance/compliance LI2182 and the site’s Environmental Management Plan.

Zero reportable environmental incidents, zero compliance breaches and no events requiring public disclosure.
Investigate process interruptions using ‘Analyse and Improve’ tools.

Monitor Shaft maintenance team processes that support in the execution of the role.
Using AGA’s How we Work guidelines, clearly define the roles and accountabilities of subordinates.

Ensure the organisation structure is capable of delivering the required operatives fulfilling the strategic requirements at recommencement of operations.
Communicate policies and procedures in a manner so as to achieve full understanding and compliance.

Use leadership techniques to achieve maximum performance.
Complete and keep up-to-date the skills matrix that includes all disciplines and individual achievements.
Develop an appropriate succession plan for key positions with the correct supportive development plan.

For the compliance of shaft maintenance, execute for timely completion of training on working and carrying out.
Statutory Inspections of Shafts, Transporting and Slinging of Materials and all other shaft related Jobs in accordance with LI2182.
Design and put in place reporting structure to provide major inputs to Maintenance Manager - UG to allow reporting of Operational Readiness for the winding operations.

Monitor the compliant completion of the winding aspects of the Operational Readiness plan for the mining teams including localisation plan.
Engage and develop appropriately skilled, capable and experienced personnel in the area of accountability.

Use the systems for the winding department to provide effective planning of work, efficient and safe work practices, monitoring of performance and promote continuous improvement.
Verify and report the standard of training of the winder drivers during the Phase1 & 2 Operations.

Monitor and ensure the driver training carried is of a standard that is compliant, supports the operational requirements of the equipment and is at optimum cost.
Identify sub-standard work practices, identify root cause and eliminate by corrective action.

Task subordinates in line with requirements for achieving the agreed production plan.
Implement corporate programs, e.g. asset management strategies, System for People, Operational Effectiveness, etc. across areas of control.

Establish good rapport with the other departments to ensure common goals are identified and reached.

Provide technical expertise input in the development of a 2-year plan for winding activities:
Ensure statutory and corporate compliance.
dentify trends in winding equipment and safe operation to support performance.

Monitor failure root cause analysis.
dentify and consider the applicability of new technology and products.

Monitor the stage of the life cycle costing of key equipment with consideration to changing operational parameters.
Evaluate the cost of changing operational parameters.

Control delivery of winder driver training to the approved budget whilst proposing solutions to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and identify and discuss opportunities to exceed annual budget and action authorised changes.

Utilising SAP, record winder driver training, certification and skills matrix required for submission to the General Manager, an annual master schedule of work packages for the Maintenance Department ahead of the business planning process.

A rolling three-month schedule of training and certification packages including 80% of scheduled work allowing for unplanned work.

On a monthly basis manage the compilation of data to report significant variations or critical issues that may impact on the Operating Master Schedule along with corrective actions to mitigate risk.

Verify that the driver training aspects of winder refurbishment remain within the approved project schedule, achieving all critical intermediate milestones.

Developing the risk and risk mitigation plans and activities for all winder training work.

Develop the plan to ensure winder competence and availability is developed in line with the Obuasi Operations expected life of mine.

Maintain meeting records, agreed actions, and follow up to ensure relevant actions are completed.

Weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting, produce accurate and timely information that can clearly convey the status of training, compliance, safety, cost, schedule and quality for the winder driver training/qualification.

Advise progress and KPI status in a timely manner to the management team, particularly potential cost, and schedule or quality variances.

Review and provide feedback regarding contractor’s progress claims (if used).

Continuously identify and collate opportunities to improve cost, schedule, quality and safety outcomes in the area of accountability.

Plan driver training to provide sufficient qualified personnel during refurbishment to ensure operation of plant and equipment in the area of accountability to support the commissioning process.

Inspect all refurbishment works to ensure drivers can deliver in accordance with requirements and expectations.

Oversee training regime to ensure quality and or performance is in line with obligations and expectations.

Proactively identify and manage change to avoid potential cost, schedule and quality issues.



Winder Trainer Certification to permit training of Winder Drivers under LI2182
Winding engine driver's certificate of competency issued by the Chief Inspector of Mines in accordance with LI2182
Tertiary qualification in Electrical, Mechanical or Maintenance Engineering, or equivalent .

An experienced Winder Operations Specialist/Trainer with over 10 years’ experience in underground mining
Experience of training winder drivers from scratch to compliant certification
Knowledge of SAP Skills module.

Must possess Sectional Engineer’s Certificate of Competency from Mineral Commission of Ghana.
Winding engine driver's certificate of competency issued by the Chief Inspector of Mines in accordance with LI2182.

Interested Ghanaians with the above qualification and experience should submit their applications, with detailed CV.


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