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A Christian privately-run university in Nigeria has dismissed two students who were filmed having sex on campus in a recently leaked sex tape.

Multiple portals reported the decision of the university to dismiss the duo after the leaked video went viral on some social media platforms.

The video shows the two involved in the sexual act ostensibly at a facility on campus. It is not known as yet who leaked the tape and for what reasons.

But the discourse on social media has largely been about the propriety of the measure the authorities resorted to. A good number of people are making fun of the situation.

For some, that two consenting adults agree to have sex should not result in expulsion from school. Others are concerned that one of the affected students (the female) is a third-year student and as it stands has lost all her academic progress.

Whiles others who side with the authorities insist that existing regulations were being followed and that the students were paying the price for their inactions. For some, there was the need to also fish out whoever leaked the said tape.

The university located in Nigeria’s western Ogun State is run by the Seven Day Adventists, SDA Church. It describes it self as “a faith based educational institution that integrates the totality of the Christian faith side by side with the academic program.

“We make positive impact by nurturing our students such that their lives reflect Christ. This makes them act as change sticks in their communities shunning all forms of violence and corrupt practices". 

Babcock’s reaction to the video was to allegedly expel the student. Our sense of justice is punishment, not reformation. If the school is meant to build character, why do they expel those whose character they find short? Nothing in that video warrants anyone losing 3 years!

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My heart goes out to the Babcock lady. We can blame her as all we want but we all do stupid things when we are in a relationship. Nobody holy pass. You should be able to trust the person you are with. I hope that she finds the strength to get over this sad episode in her life.

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This Babcock sex tape gist just goes on to prove that you shouldn’t trust anyone completely.

I’m sure that moments before it happened, they each made a promise that it’ll be their little secret but just see months later, it’s trending topic on the Internet labeled “

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