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The Director of the Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG) Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey has stated that the diverse party financiers are putting Ghana’s democracy at danger, taking account of the way they manage our leaders underground.

He made this recognized in an interview on TV3, in which he said: “The financiers control our leaders and through our leaders, they capture the state,” he stated.

These financiers, he said then “decide” for the leaders “what you do, what you cannot do, what your priorities are”.

In furtherance, he categorically said that the financiers even make a lot of earnings than they will make in any commercial enterprise, including that they see that as a rewarding commercial enterprise.

“Those who are financing parties today see the election as business and the kind of profits they make, they will not make it in any business,”.

“In fact, you have party people who have been in positions like managing campaign telling you that the financiers are the bane of this democracy; they are really, really putting our democracy at risk,” he revealed.

He noted Ghana is “the only country, probably in Africa where there is no regulation of campaign financing”, something he said was not good for our democracy.

Also responding to the question of whose responsibility to check the situation, he indicated that: “At the moment there is none.”

Institutions that are mandated to check these crimes, he observed, “are ineffective” to carry out their mandate, giving our leaders who are a mixture of lawyers, auditors, engineers, accountants, and others to “get things through easily’.

He stated many accept as true with that it’s miles the work of the Electoral Commission, but then they’ve quite a few jobs on their fingers.

For him, Ghana requires a new body to take up that responsibility, saying “Things that fall outside [the EC], you cannot control so you need a new body”.

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