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Young lady has written to popular relationship coach, Joro Olomofin over a pressing issue she is facing in her relationship.

Joro shared the ordeal this anonymous lady who clearly stated that she needs advise because her husband-to-be hates sex.

In her letter, the lady revealed that her ex-boyfriend who had a mad craving for sex and would always end up having close to four rounds of sex with her daily.

However, she had to break up with him cause he was still cheating on her, despite their mad sex life, and now she is dating her current lover who is the direct opposite of her ex. He cares less about sex and romance indicating that all he wants is a quickie, no long sex or romance.

The lady said she now masturbates to keep herself sexually happy despite being in a relationship and whenever she complains to him about it, he ends up saying, ‘sex is not my problem’.

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