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Reports gathered indicate that Atinka Media Village; producers of popular TV dance reality show Di Asa are considering suing United Arab Emirates airliner, Emirates Airlines.

The company seeks to sue the Airline company for damages after it was reported that the airline company ‘sacked’ the winner of DI ASA, PM from their plane.

This comes after what the company labels as “disrespect and discrimination ” against Di Asa winner Precious Mensah or PM.

The airline has issued a statement to state their side of the story revealing that they gave Atinka the option of upgrading her seat which they rejected.

A statement made by Atinka also reads;

“Queens including PM went through all the departure formalities on the travel date with representatives of the ticketing agent present to assist them in the departure formalities. This is because we had informed them about the sizes of the Queens and the need for special seating.

At about 5:30 pm, a few minutes to boarding time, when all the queens had completed the check-in process, an Emirates official, informed us (AMV) that the Airline could not complete the Check-in process for PM without offering tangible or logical reasons. 

When pushed further and asked why they informed us PM could not board the plane due to safety reasons. When we enquired further, they said they were in consultation with their superiors at the Emirates Office at Mövenpick Hotel in Accra for further directives.

 We further asked them if the problem had to do with seating and if procuring additional seat could solve the problem, but the Emirates officials at the airport said there was no need for that (it must be emphasized that PM was present and witnessed all these engagements with the Emirates officials).”

However, the management of Atinka Media Village has revealed that they are in serious talk with their lawyers and will communicate their next line of action.

An official, however, hinted that it is likely to result in a court suit.

“The issue or our challenge here is not about the money or additional commitment requested by Emirates Airline but we realized that the unfair treatment meted out to our Queen by Emirates Airline did not necessitate any further engagement or commitment under the circumstance,” the statement further stated.

“We will communicate our next line of action in due course as our legal team is considering various options to assert our rights and that of our Queen.

 We want to assure PM that as our celebrated Queen, we will do everything possible to accord her the prize she deserves including but not limited to adequate compensation by Emirates Airline and fight all forms of discrimination against plus-sized persons,” the statement added. 

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