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In a weird trending story, a lady has reportedly married three men. The reports suggest that she married these men against her father’s approval and he gathered his clansmen to chase his daughter’s husbands away from her home.

The incident is reported to have occurred at Uganda and has subsequently made the front page of a newspaper.

The lady identified as Ann Grace Aguti is a mother of three, from the Ngora district in Uganda. During a recent submission, she said she was married like other women.

She said;

Her desire in her marriage was to have a “tender, loving husband, who can provide all my needs as a housewife.” When her husband wasn’t meeting that need, she said she decided to do things her way. “My husband was useless and I remained the breadwinner. When I left him, I started looking for that special someone, but I have not yet found him because even now, I have to feed the men that I have. So, my search continues.”

Her search led her to a number of men who became her husbands, living in her house and taking turns to sleep with her. Then, she met another man who she brought home after which she chased all her other husbands “due to lack of discipline”. She later brought two other men home, making them three husbands. 36-year-old Aguti, is the head of the home, according to her husbands. She allocated three out of the seven huts in her compound to the men.

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