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The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), and the European Union(EU), in collaboration with the ministry of Trade and Industry has held a stakeholder dialogue to among other things discuss various thematic themes on the West Africa Competitiveness Programme (WACOMP), in Accra.

Speaking at the programme in Accra, the Head of cooporation at the European Union,(EU), Zoltan Agai said about 3.1 billion worth of goods was exported to the European market which is an indicator of macro-economic stability.

He stated that the ‘WACOMP’ programme which was started months ago has chalked significant success ” Ghana has made significant progress over the last 20 years in terms of economic development and macro-economic stability, this progress was translated into foreign direct Investments, increased regional International trade. A good part of his is that, there has been an increased interest for Ghana’s International trade and export is shared with Euopean businesses”. He observed.

According to him, goods exported from Ghana to the EU market was over 3.1 billion which was more than 48% more than the previous year.

The West African Competitiveness programme seeks among other things to improve the Competitiveness of Ghanaian experts with a focus on their main value chains- Cassava, fruits,(Mango and pineapples) cosmetics and personal care products through enhanced value – addition, low carbon sustainable production and processing aimed at increased access to the regional and International markets.

The Chief Director of the of the ministry of Trade and Industry, Mr. Anthony Baafi, said Ghana is committed to the programme and believes UNIDO will deliver on it’s expectations due to it’s unparalleled record in this area.

“The over all objective of the programme is in the context of the Ghana beyond Aid Agenda of improving economic governance and business environment and to also help maximise the economic benefits of the Economic partnership Agreement”. he emphasised.

The overall objective of WACOMP Is is to strengthen the competitiveness of West Africa and to enhance the ECOWAS countries’ integration into the regional and international trading system, including the newly established African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

The WACOMP embraces the vision of the Third Industrial Development Decade for Africa (IDDA III) and is also aligned to UNIDO’s mandate of fostering Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID). The programme was launched in March, 2019 in Ghana and funded by the European Union.

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