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The Defence Intelligence Unit of the Ghana Armed Forces has revealed how about 12 scammers allegedly shipped heavy bags of high-grade cement to their unsuspecting victims outside Ghana branding it as gold.

The cartel has since been arrested by the Defence Intelligence Unit of the Ghana Armed Forces last at McCarthy Hill in Accra and has been handed over the appropriate security agencies to be arraigned before court for the crime

Mainly, foreigners, they work with their Ghanaians collaborators to dupe other foreigners of huge amounts. In one incident, they deprived a victim of his US $400, 000 in a single transaction.

The suspects include Mohammed Sallam, 50, Libyan; Hassan Mohammed, 39, Chadian; Derrick Salome, 42, Ghanaian; Mariam Abdallah, 39, Malian; Adams Jibril, 46, Ghanaian ( leader of gang); Yakubu Yahyah, 70, Ghanaian; Mobasil Samfo,23, Burkinabe and six others unnamed as as the time of filling this report.

According to the Deputy Director of Public Affairs of the Ghana Armed Forces Andy La-Anyane who spoke to Citi Fm monitored by he said, ” They take you to the office, then you make the transfers into their account and then you fly back to wherever you came from…and all their victims have been foreigners, not Ghanaians…so you go back home expecting your shipment to arrive…. when it arrives, you open and you realise it’s only cement bags,” he revealed.

He then appealed to all to volunteer information of suspicious activity to the security agencies assuring them that their identity will be protected.

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