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The whole truth about my weight loss!

Hello, my dear readers! Everyone has already noticed that I have lost a lot of weight , and everyone kept asking me how I managed to do that. I was already getting fed up with the influx of messages. I am trying to reply to everyone, to support you, but with so many emails I would simply have to live on the internet to handle it. That’s why I am going to tell you here my story and how I finally made it. You can see in the photos each step of my way to losing all this weight.

This is how it all happened.

I always wanted to lose weight but nothing would help me. And I have tried so many things! Sour milk diet, ketogenic diet, low-calories diet, low-carbs diet, protein diet – but none of them would help, just like all the drops, pills, sprays and bubble gums that I have tried. Moreover, all these diets had negative impact on both my overall health and mood. I was hungry all the time. I was irritated and edgy. It was unacceptable, as even my viewers would notice it!

How it all happened

I was saved by my close friend Faraja. She became а mother recently, and towards the end of pregnancy she had gained 30 kg and looked like a balloon. But she managed to get rid of the excess weight in a couple of months – a really short period! We all thought that she underwent plastic surgery but it turned out that was all a lot easier.

Faraja brought a couple of small bottles of a supplement named «FruThin». «Here, try this. It is a special weight-loss product that really helps, and the best is that it is not a medication, but a dietary supplement for everyone to use without a prescription. Just take a look at me.» , – She showed me the way to happiness so simply and easily. I immediately grabbed the bottles, and started looking them over. 


User instructions were very simple – simply dissolve 1 tablet in glass of water and drink it during or after breakfast! FruThin is completely natural, which is good, because I don't tolerate any chemical products.

So I started taking it: every day I drank 1 tablet in the morning.

I felt that I was losing weight. You could see it on my clothing – it was no longer so tight on my body, and I had so much more energy.

I decided that I will record my weight monthly. But I could not wait that long. I checked my weight after 2 weeks. I stepped on the scale and it took my breath away, I lost 11 kg!!!
But it was only the beginning!

My body was getting rid of excess weight carefully at first. But as soon as I realized how easy it is, I decided to get the most of it. Next month I kept eating the same soup, porridge and bread with butter just like before, but more importantly, I took regular doses of FruThin. I achieved a new low-weight record: 85 kg!

I was getting thinner right in front of my eyes! It was even more inspiring and exciting. During the third week I lost additional 4 kg!

Now I no longer care how they took my picture, because I look great from all angles – I have regained my long-forgotten ease with my body, I work more efficiently, and I have plenty of creative ideas now.

All in all, I have lost 23 kg in a single month! Simply amazing! And I have achieved it despite not changing my lifestyle. This means the constant rush preparing a TV show, the constant lack of time, unpredictable circumstances, emotionally intense situations and eating on the run.

In Ghana there is just one official distributor of the weight loss product FruThin

Simply order FruThin from the official website , it will be delivered to your home, and you will only pay once you receive the package. It’s that simple!

Try to lose weight, start right away – your life will change for better!

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