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Curvaceous Ghanaian actress Benedicta Gafah, who has been constantly lambasted for having “fake” curves has finally cleared the air.

It can be recalled that few months ago, Benedicta posted a picture of herself wearing a body con dress on Instagram. She received several backlash after that to the extent that she had to mute the comment session to prevent people from commenting on it.

Most Ghanaian celebrities in Ghana have been accused of enhancing their bodies. While some have openly come out to admit it, others have failed to admit it. Singer cum actress Nana Frema is one of the celebrities who admitted to getting “help” with her body from Dr Obengfo.
The likes of Sandra Ankobia, Salma Mumin, Moesha Buduong amongst others have all been accused of sculpting their bodies.

After months of remaining silent, Benedict Gafah has decided to address the issue.

According to Benedicta Gafah, weight gain made her body look fat and after deciding to lose the weight, her curves came back.

“When I began my movie career, I heard a lot of rumours that I have enhanced my buttocks but it is not true. I was having a lot of weight at that time. Now I have slimmed down and I take very good care of my body. A lot of changes do occur in the body when you are growing,” she said during a question and answer time at an event in Koforidua.

On why she chose to lose some weight, she explained that her waist grows bigger whenever she puts on weight, therefore, she took that decision.

“My waist grows bigger when I put on weight so I had to advise myself.”

Benedicta added that she is not bothered when people accuse her of body enhancement. On the contrary she only laughs and moves on with her life.

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