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When the level of corruption in a nation becomes gargantuan and leadership is exhibiting irresponsibility, a foreigner will tell you to shut up and ask of aid to rather deal with your personal corruption and that of your appointees.

In medical care, diagnosis will determine what drug(s) the Doctor will administered to cure the ailment, but in the area of common sense, someone can tell you what you lack, just by observing you.

Which president sits and oversees corruption and believes he can be called a saint; who employed them ?

You appoint goats to guard a maize farm, for some, you expressly encourage them to make money from where you have placed them because the loan you took from them for your campaign will not be paid back. What do you expect them to do, apart from milking the cow dry?

Slogans are good and motivating, it pushes, encourages and brings about high moral in people to work towards an ambition.

"Ghana beyond aid" is one such slogan I have never understood; the president makes a mockery of himself and this country by shouting from the roof top about an empty policy (Ghana beyond aid) whilst at the same time globe trotting with a cup in hand for aid. Who is he deceiving?. Himself or his followers.

No wonder they lie and believe the lie. A typical example of preaching VIRTUE and practising VICE .

Who fetches water into a leaking bowl , that is the wise saying of the Dutch ambassador. Wise up Mr president, wise up, this is not what you promised the people of Ghana who left everything to queue up under very challenging circumstances to cast their vote on that faithful day.

Now, your corruption is known to the world. The money being sent to the Caribbeans, UK and the US is no more a secret, kind courtesy, Offshore finance minister.

"The slogan Ghana Beyond Corruption" (GBC) has come to replace your Ghana Beyond Aid because it is a better policy.

May the good Lord keep our country together and safe us from these shameless hawks . We have to, at all cost end this 'chopocratic' government in 2020 .

There are better days ahead

Kun fa Yakun

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