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The ashawoo business is a lucrative venture and women who excoriate slay queens from afar are not privy to the benefits contained in the business.

It is on this back many slay queens have resolved not to stop plying this trade.

One of the pioneers of slay queening in Ghana that many don’t know especially the young ones is Queen Farcadi.

Queen Farcadi is one popular slay queen in Ghana and across West Africa and is known for her banging raunchy snap videos and erotic photoshoots.

She was on top of her game whilst she was very active until pregnancy took away some flamboyance and the vibrancy of her lavish lifestyle.

One man impregnated her and she’s now a mother but it looks like she’s not going to stop hoeing anytime soon.

Even though she paused for a moment because of her pregnancy, she’s back full time and even does hookup (she has girls who are ready to bang men for money) now.

In a recent post made by Queen Facardi, one of her followers on snapchat asked her if she has plans of leaving the ‘ashawo’ business and her response was simply hilarious.

According to the post sighted by browngh on social media, the socialite and executive pimp revealed that the ‘ashawo’ business is very easy to establish and it is one of the business that is tax free and needs no capital to start.

The follower asked “Do you have plans on leaving the ashawo business in 5+years to come?”

Queen Farcadi replied “No oo, sweet job like this, no tax, no capital to start, just your pussy u can open branch everywhere”

Well, we can’t blame her though; that’s her source of livelihood and it has become a very good business now for most of these young girls.

See a screenshot of Queen Farcadi’s interaction with a fan on Instagram.

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