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A nurse identified as Gladys Tshabalala has taken her own life when she got to know her naked photos have been leaked by unknown people and posted on social media.

The distraught lady who is a professional nurse at Netcare Hospital in Pretoria has confided in a friend her intention of killing herself after learning that her naked pictures have been posted on the internet and her boyfriend has even decided not to go ahead their marriage plans.

Reports suggest that the nude pictures were not made for the public but intended to be sent to her husband-to-be before her mobile phone was stolen. The stolen phone apparently landed into the ‘wrong hands and a few days after her nudity was splashed on the internet.

”At first I thought she was joking when she told me that she couldn’t live and face her friends and relatives after what transpired and she further told me that she would rather die because her life had suddenly flipped inside out since she was also about to lose her job because of the scandal”, said the deceased’s friend.

Suicide related issues has been on the increase lately with four suicide cases in Ghana and two from Nigeria and this one from south Africa. Statistics from World Health Organisation indicte that approximately 1 million people die each year from suicide.

In Ghana and Africa as a whole, we don’t have structures in place to deal with issues of this sort. People who take their lives do not actually want to die; they just want to stop hurting.

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