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The Argentine chopped off 90 per cent of his penis with some garden shears
Accountant confessed to planning attack but not that she intended to kill him.

Brenda Barattini, 28, was found guilty of the attempted murder of musician Sergio Fernandez, 42, following a trial in the Argentinian city of Cordoba.

The convict confessed she had planned the November 25 2017 attack, which made headlines around the world, but said she had not intended to kill her victim.

Brenda Barattini, 28, (pictured in court in Argentina) was sentenced to 13 years for attempted homicide aggravated with malice

Sergio Fernandez clutching his private parts after the attack. Blood can be seen smeared down his legs and bottles of water sit beside him where he appears to have to tried to clean the wound

She revealed in court she hatched a plot to harm Fernandez after he shared sex tapes and X-rated pics of her with friends, claiming he treated her like a 'trophy' and telling a jury of four men and four women during her trial: 'He turned me into a sex object. I was just a s**g for him.

'He infringed my privacy, my life and my career. Everything has been ruined.'

The victim said Barattini struck after getting him to put a blindfold on, recalling: 'After she put the blindfold on she told me I had to guess where she was touching me.

Barattini attacked her now 42-year-old lover Sergio Fernandez in November 2017 while he was asleep

'She also wanted to tie me up but I didn't let her. She began to practice oral sex on me. I suddenly felt something. She wanted to kill me in that second.'

Barattini was dubbed the Argentinian Lorena Bobbitt in some sectors of the Argentinian press when the attack happened. Bobbitt chopped of her husband John's penis with a kitchen knife in 1993 before throwing it into a field.

She initially claimed she was defending herself from a sex assault after being fooled into letting Sergio into her apartment before changing her story.

He was rescued by neighbours who heard shouting and alerted the police.

Around 90 per cent of his penis was sheared off along with a testicle.

Sergio, who spent eight days in a coma after being assaulted, said his manhood is now 'different' and he stills suffers panic attacks and insomnia as well as a constant feeling women want to kill him if he has sex.

The jury decision to convict his attacker, taken yesterday afternoon/on Wednesday afternoon, was unanimous.

The 13-year sentence, decided by the three trial judges, was the one a state prosecutor was seeking.

The garden shears used by Barattini to chop off 90 per cent of her lover's penis.

Barattini's mum reacted to the verdict and sentence by shouting out 'Mierda, mierda, mierda' - Spanish for s*** - and running from court.

Barattini, who has been held in prison since the attack, is expected to appeal. Her defence lawyer Lucas de Olmos said the decision was 'unheard of' in Argentina outside court, insisting: 'No-one has ever been convicted in this country of attempted murder for a penis wound.'

State prosecutor Laura Battistelli, who showed the jury the garden shears Barattini used, insisted she was not a gender violence victim.

Around the time of the attack, Argentinian papers published pictures of the bloodied bed where Sergio was assaulted as well as the pruning shears on the floors.

The horror incident happened in a neighbourhood called Nueva Cordoba, one of the most fashionable and sought-after areas of Cordoba which is the home province of Katie Price's former boyfriend Leandro Penna.

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