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An aggrieved woman disrupted a secret engagement of her estrange husband for refusing to divorce her.

Mrs. Philomina Antwi who is a cook at Obuasi Secondary Technical storm at the engagement grounds at Nkawie in the Ashanti region after a tip off.

According to reports, her husband, John Antwi rejected a Schnapp presented by his wife to end their four-year-old marriage after she caught him having an affair with her best friend.

But the man together with his family rejected the Schnapp claiming that they cannot put asunder what God has joined together.

But after years in an abusive marriage, Philomena in an interview on Adom News said she decided to move out of the house to save her life.

This, she believed gave her husband the opportunity to start another amorous relationship with a difference woman at Nkawie.

“The man has refused to take care of our children instead he is using the money on women. Most of our children who have completed Senior High School are still at home and you are somewhere wedding another woman” she bemoaned.

Out of pain, Philomena said she decided to storm the engagement to prove that she is still legally married to John Antwi.

She has vowed to drag him to the highest court of the land to ensure justice is served.

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