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Sarkodie Joins A Plus To Campaign Against NPP, NDC In 2020 Election

Several Ghanaian celebrities have expressed disappointment in the ruling New Patriotic Party and the opposition National Democratic Congress for failing to fulfil their promises to Ghanaians.

Kwame Asare Obeng otherwise known as A Plus has formed The People’s Project [TPP], a movement that will mount pressure on both the incumbent, the New Patriotic Party [NPP] and the largest opposition National Democratic Congress [NDC] and to campaign aggressively against the two big parties.

He has been able to gather supports from individuals, businessmen and celebrities who have same intentions to campaign against these two political parties for their dishonesty to the citizens.

The latest celebrity to rally his support for A Plus’ The People’s Project [TPP] is Ghanaian musician Sarkodie.

Sarkodie tweeted expressing his love and support for A Plus’ concept of campaigning against the incumbent NPP and the largest opposition NDC for their endless round of lies and deceit and corrupt practices.


“I see my brother A Plus trying to form the people’s party that’s us as a people not NPP or NDC supporters and I love the concept. I support it .. Need more details on how it works… So we all can join and have the power to decide who stays in power. We need to take the power back into our hands, let’s forget this NPP, NDC things and look at our future … We need change.” Sarkodie tweeted.

A Plus thanked Sarkodie for coming on board and explained that members of TPP will decide who stays in power. He also indicated that the TPP in 2020 will support an independent candidate for president and independent candidates for parliament.

Dear brother Sark, we members of The People’s Project, #TPP are delighted to have you onboard. Your support means the world to us. TPP is not a political party. However, like you rightly said, we are coming together to have the power to decide who stays in power. In 2020 we will support an independent candidate for president and independent candidates for parliament. Even if the presidential candidate does not win, NDC and NPP will depend on us (“The People”) to win the election. That is when we will tell them to kneel down and raise their hands up and say, GHANA, WE ARE SORRY. WE WON’T FOOL WHEN GIVEN POWER AGAIN. PLEASE FORGIVE US.

We will do something very painful to these guys for all that they have taken this country through. We will teach them a bitter lesson. If all of us vote for an independent candidate and he or she does not win but the election goes into a second round and NDC or NPP needs our support to win, we will make demands that will change this country forever.

 We will demand a new constitution which will end amongst other things exgratia. We will demand a 20 years development plan for Ghana. A plan which will be sent to paliament and made law that will require a certain majority to change any part of it. In this plan it will be stated clearly that, no government can abandon and begin a new project unless the old ones are completed.

We will demand reduction in the number of ministers. No government can have a minister for transport, aviation and railways. Why???!! No government can have a minister for environment, sanitation, mines and natural resources with two or three deputy minister and chief directors at the ministry.

But you see, politicians are bad. If we make demands, because they are desperate to be in power, they will just accept it for our vote but won’t fulfill their part of the agreement when they come to power. So we will sign an agreement with whoever wants our support at the independence square.

 They will state clearly what should happen to them if they fail to fulfill their part of the agreement. A copy of the agreement will be given to the Yaa Naa, Chief Imam, Asantehene, Okyenhene, Cape Coast Chief, every prominent pastor, Ga Mantse, CNN, BBC, US government, British government, every media house in Ghana, World Bank, IMF etc.

This is Ghana’s second independence struggle. We are fighting for independence from NDC AND NPP. Trust #TPP. Something very serious and unprecedented will happen in 2020.

Let’s do this for Ghana!!!

Thank you bro!!!

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