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As Ghana’s 2020 general elections draw near, the Ghana United Nations Association (GUNA) would like to urge the youth to refuse to be used as agents to foment unrest by irresponsible opinion leaders.
It is bad enough being in a riot but starting one is much worse as the consequences are numerous.

Some of these irresponsible opinion leaders, whom the youth should flee from their baits, could be TRADITIONAL RULERS , POLITICAL LEADERS , PASTORS and RADIO PRESENTERS who have penchant for bloodshed.

The youth ought to, first and foremost, be bold to ask these irresponsible opinion leaders who continue to hold that the youth are the future leaders of the country, yet would remote control them to destabilise the enviable peace of the nation?

It is when wicked leaders want to hold on to power or grab power by hook or crook or smartly want to flee from being accountable that they entice some already disgruntled youth to do their wicked bidding.

It is time the educated youth especially, became wide awake to sensitise their fellow gullible youth to, if possible, turn the ‘sword’ against their paymasters who would never allow their children to involve themselves in such criminalities.
GUNA has always wondered why opinion leaders who live on unrest never employ their children or loved ones to be violent activists.

This is food for thought for the youth who have always allowed themselves to create commotion.
Criminal charges have no expiry, consequently, the youth must be warned that as long as they are alive, the law can, at anytime, deal with them when their paymaster is out of political or traditional power.

GUNA can bet the youth that their paymaster would never be in the court to sympathise with them when the law busts them. 

After all, that nation wrecker opinion leader would have already paid you a paltry money and bought you a few bottles of hard liquor and, sometimes, hard drugs as his payment for your services. By then, he would have flown his lovely children abroad.

The youth must channel their strength into viable engagements to better their lots.
To our chiefs and religious leaders, some of whom are more poisonous than the politicians, GUNA entreats them to shun hiding behind the educated illitrate youth and innocent youth to cause tribal, religious or political uprising.

These attitudes by such leaders are evident in most of our communities in and outside Ghana, and for us in GUNA, these opinion leaders are more dangerous than our politicians.

We, therefore, appeal to all the opinion leaders to help the youth to rather develop their talents and skills for national development.

Is it not a shame that while the youth of the developed worlds are doing critical thinking to grow their economy with the help of responsible leaders, our narrative in Ghana and Africa is sharply the opposite?
GUNA urges the youth to be wise and flee from any acts of violence that will burn their country.

They should look near them and they will see how violence has torn some of their neighbouring countries.
If Ghana and Africa wants to move beyond aid, then, political, tribal or religious violence unrest is not the way.
Thank you.


By Comrade Samuel Bamidele T. Ojo,
National Secretary for Youth Affairs, GUNA

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