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P.O.Box 2020

Kwasiadua-Yentia so mprenu.

20th August, 2019.

The President,

The Presidency of the Republic of Ghana,

Jubilee House,


Your Excellency,


I have been observing with regret, events unfolding in Ghana’s educational system under your watch and the apology of a dentist you chose to steer educational affairs as minister, that is the first great ministration why not sending him to the Health Ministry?.

Mr. President, I have witnessed time without number, the many acts and attempts to ruin our educational system; something you profess to be the utmost priority of your government. In any well-meaning educational planning, if you care to know, the teacher’s welfare and wellbeing is indispensable.

 You may choose to have the curriculum planned by world-class researchers and educationists. You may give our pupils and students all the incentives including free shoes and whatever. 

You may equally put up high rising storeys as dormitories and classrooms.

But bear in mind that without well-motivated and committed teachers, your educational reforms would end up nowhere. 

The increasing show of contempt, the scorn and the total lack of respect for the Ghanaian is outrageous and unbearable.

 The disdain and opprobrium with which your ministers, the Director General of the Ghana Education Service and the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Directors treat teachers is unpardonable.

 In fact, the derision, mockery and the ridicule the teaching profession is suffering today juxtaposed with the promises you made is mind-boggling.

What happened to the promises you and your cohorts made to the teacher? Is this the honey and milk promise you gave us that warranted our massive endorsement for your presidency? Need I remind you of them? Well you said, among other things, that:

Teachers will be treated with respect as you would ensure that teachers who upgrade their qualifications and skills are promoted and that their salary increases take immediate effect.

You will focus on the provision of incentives that will motivate teachers and reward their hard work in the classroom.

Let me also use this opportunity to remind you that your victory in 2016 was by a difference of a million votes. 

Let the vice president help you to calculate the population of teachers and their dependencies to inform your next action after reading this letter.

Your excellency, just shine your eyes for there is time enough to right the wrongs you have done the Ghanaian teacher.

 A word to the wise, Mr. President, is enough. Please ignore if you want to be treated like your “dead-goat” predecessor.

My warm regards to the first lady and your many family and friends at the jubilee house who have prevented me from seeing you.

Yours Sincerely


Tikya Boakye.

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