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Evangelist Addai Accuses Vivian Jill Of Killing Her Mother,Husband And Child For money.

After Evangelist Addai accusing Ghanaian actress, Vivian Jill of sleeping with his elder son Clinton Prempeh to bring forth her second son has hit the internet once again with another damning revelation about the actress.

According to the US-Based self-proclaimed Evangelist, Vivian Jill killed 3 people as a sacrifice for money rituals and initiation into an occult group.

Evangelist Addai who is known for his absurd revelation took to his youtube channel to alleged that the kumawood actress killed one of her child, her husband and mother for rituals.

He further revealed that Vivian Jill is part of an occult group and she used her mother, husband and child as a sacrifice to initiate her into the occultic group.

He emphasized that the kumawood killed her first husband, killed the child they had together and later killed her own mother.

Evangelist Addai also revealed that the mother is her main source of income; the reason she occasionally weeps on her mother’s graveyard in order to get more money as it is part of the guidelines given to her by the occultic group.

He indicated that Vivian Jill killed the mother at the age of 62 years and claimed that the wealth of the actress is not from the movies she shoots but from money rituals or the occultic group she is a member of.

He warned the public not to eat or patronize any food provided by Vivian Jill all in the name of helping the poor and needy in the society because they add ‘poison’ to it that might eventually kill them.

He levelled several allegations on the popular Kumawood actress coupled with other allegations against Kofi Adomah and Christian Atsu.

We can not confirm the authenticity of the allegations levelled against Vivian Jill by the self-proclaimed Evangelist. Emmanuel Addai.

Watch the video below for more information:

Evangelist Addai’s revelation comes just after he accused Vivian Lawrence Jill of being impregnated by her own elder son, Clinton Primpeh.

According to him, Vivian Jill’s elder son is the biological father of her second child and it is the only reason she has not been able to show the ‘real father’ of her second son.

This revelation garnered several reactions with many branding Evangelist Addai of being insane.

Vivian Jill in a live video on Instagram debunked the allegations levelled against her by the self-styled US-based evangelist.

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