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Former Ghanaian lesbian who is identified as Bernice has detailed what led her into lesbianism.

According to her, she ventured into the act because it was a way to avoid pregnancy.

Speaking in an interview on Adom Fm, Bernice revealed that she was introduced into lesbianism by a friend as a teenager and her decision to keep up with the act centred on the commitment and dedication it comes with.

She disclosed that she always got intimate with her partner on every Saturday while she was in Secondary school.

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Bernice further added that her intimacy with her partner got better when they were on vacations or mid-term holidays.

She revealed that she loved the act because it was the easiest way to avoid pregnancy.

“My friend raised issues of unwanted pregnancies which may lead to abortions if I choose to have a boyfriend which I found convincing and saw nothing wrong with being a lesbian.

“The partners are committed and dedicated with no issues of heartbreak or cheating and even if they cheat on you, they tell you about it compared to boys of today. You feel loved, secured and hygienic because you want to be clean at all times for your partner” she said.

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