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A lot of people like cereal because it makes for a simple and quick breakfast especially if you have an on-the-go kind of family. They give you an easy way to have a tasty breakfast without putting in too much effort. Their colorful packaging screams kid friendly but they are really not good for kids. Cereals are full of SUGAR and many other ADDITIVES . It’s interesting that they do actually claim to be fortified with vitamins. Don’t fall for it because that just means they have a processed sort of goodness added and not the natural goodness. So it’s worth taking the extra time to prepare a healthy breakfast, especially for your children. A bowl of oatmeal could do. Just prepare it with some fruit or eggs and add a side fruit or toast made from whole wheat. 


A lot of people believe that juice is very healthy and for that reason, they keep buying their children juice. Perhaps it has something to do with the colorful packaging that often says healthy. However, these fruit juices contain a lot of sugar, which is definitely not good for their health. Even the ones that claim to be freshly squeezed are usually not.

They go through processing which pretty much takes away the ORIGINAL FLAVOR of the fruit so to make it palatable, SUGAR and DIFFERENT FLAVORS are added. Sure the “freshly squeezed” ones will retain some of the nutrients but the added sugar cancels out their health benefits. As such, they end up having even more calories than soft drinks. Instead of giving your child juice, you could just give them a whole fruit instead, along with a glass of water to wash it down. They will benefit from the nutrients, including fibre that is often washed down.


Sure yogurt is a powerful probiotic, but you might want to keep it away from children. It does help with stomach issues caused by bacteria and contains much-needed nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium and Vitamin B-6, but just like juices, yogurt has a lot of sugar. A lot of them have that MUCH-ADDED SUGAR just to make them more pleasing and tasty to the children. Instead of buying this yogurt, make them some at home. You can very easily add flavor to them using nuts and fresh fruits and if your child is over two years old, you can sweeten the yogurt using honey.


They are also popular for children which is why you will find them in so many restaurants, fast food joints or even in stores. Some companies that make them claim that they are made with real chicken but do not tell you that these aren’t healthy. The truth is that they go through processing and most are DIP FRIED IN UNHEALTHY FATTY OILS . So if your children are fans of chicken nuggets, it’s better to make your own for them. It’s worth it. Just dip the chicken strips or pieces in an egg wash. After that roll them in some lightly seasoned bread crumbs then make sure you bake them thoroughly. The kids will certainly enjoy.


While grapes are very tasty and contain healthy vitamins which your kids need, you should keep them away from the kids. The reason is, grapes are both big and slippery. If your KIDS ARE VERY YOUNG , they could get choked from eating them. It is also very HARD for a child’s DIGESTIVE TRACT to PROCESS grapes. So if you want them to get some healthy fruit, give them bananas instead.


Whether it’s spaghetti or noodles, all these are favorites for kids and even adults because they are both inexpensive and simple to make. They are also very tasty. Unfortunately, cheap can be expensive at times. Reports have confirmed the presence of CHEMICALS called PHTHALATES in the most processed versions such as CHEESE and MACARONI . These chemicals interfere with the normal functioning of human hormones. They also contain a lot of calories and have very little nutritional content. To be on the safe side, it’s better to get your kids the healthier version of macaroni or cheese. These can easily be found online. Otherwise, just take the time to prepare some healthy food for them.

Source :nutrition experts

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