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Marriage is a legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship (historically and in some jurisdictions specifically a union between a man and a woman).

Also, it is called matrimony or wedlock; it is a culturally recognised union between people, called spouses, that establishes rights and obligations between them, as well as between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws and other families.

Marriage is full of compromise. Personal stories, information and advice on how to make your marriage strong, ways to save your marriage and tips on keeping romance alive. But unfortunately some have failed to compromise, share stories understand others and build stronger relationships, and it has resulted into break ups, divorces and relatively CHEATING ON OTHERS.  In our research,and with a councellor by name Dave, the following have been found on why some WOMEN CHEAT on their husbands :


“Money/security/comfort is the ONLY reason why I am still married to my husband. He is NOT my type. He wanted a trophy wife, and I am all that, and more (you can see from my profile pictures). I am beautiful, I know… And I am proud of that. I know what it means to be in need of help and money. I have known poverty. I have suffered before. I have been hungry before, Dave. So, when I took a second look at myself in SSS, and understood why – almost everybody (males and females) would want to take a quick glance/stare at me whenever I passed by, I put my beauty into good use. The man I am cheating on my husband with is my SSS boyfriend. He understands why I had to marry this other man. We have a plan. We are both pursuing higher education in order to be financially independent.
We are building our own Five (5) bedroom house. My husband does not even know my son is not his child. My boyfriend and I are still putting two and two together until it’s time, and then I will leave my matrimonial home – going radio silent. I am just hoping he dies a natural death or I may have to figure something else out if he starts to prove stubborn. (There are numerous ways to kill a cat). I don’t love my husband, Dave, so I honestly do not have any sympathy left in my being for him or his feeling.”


“I am Two (2) months old in my marriage, and I am already in an emotional affair with someone else. My husband is a good guy and all, but Dave, I am not that much into him anymore. I thought I did, that’s why I agreed to marry him. We had known each other for a few years – so I am a little bit surprised as to why I feel we are not even that connected intimately. We have very good sex and we do communicate so well. He loves me so dearly, but… I feel he’s the only one enjoying this marriage. I have practically fallen out of love with him.

The day I will physically cheat on him, I would be getting out of this marriage. And it’s going to be in April, 2018. My true love is coming to Ghana, to take me away. I have already secured a Visa to return with him. I have no plans of divorcing my husband. Neither do I plan to tell him about my true feelings. He would return from work one day in April, and find all my belongings at home alright… but I would be gone.”


“Everything was almost perfect at home: we had so much love, trust, respect and peace of mind at home. We had dreams and hopes for our children. I was faithful for the 13 years I’d known him, until late 2017. He was involved in an accident in November, 2016, and has been in a wheelchair since. Doctors have assured us that he will walk again, however, I do not care anymore. I nursed my husband’s wounds, took very good care of him for the whole of 2017, and took upon the responsibility of being the ‘head of the family’.
Everything, I did for him, because I loved him wholehearted; because he was the father of my kids. I was looking through the damaged items found on the scene of his accident, which had been packed in a bag – since 2016. I came across his crushed phone, so I took the sim out; bought a brand new phone to surprise him with it, and guess my surprise when I inserted his sim? After reading and listening to 12 texts and voice messages sent in by two different phone numbers, all women, I did not need a scientist to explain to me exactly what had been going on in his life outside home. Dave, I did not even have to think twice… I willingly gave in to a secret admirer’s demands in a heartbeat. I have found a professional caretaker to be attending to my husband, while my focus, now, is on my kids and my new man. I have NO regrets what-s0-ever, Dave.”


“David, I know you are protecting our identities – that is why I am feeling a little bit comfortable, opening up to ONLY you. I am pleading with you, if you still are not so sure of how safe the security of your Facebook account is, kindly copy my message into a Word document or folder, and DELETE my message – to protect me, should anyone try hacking your system. Thank you.

I am in my second marriage. And yes, I am cheating on my husband. I wasn’t always like this: I used to be faithful. I used to be content with only one man. I used to love and trust, from deep within. However, my first husband turned me into something I never knew I could be: A murderer! I killed him, Dave… I poisoned my first husband, and watched him die in our bedroom, painfully. I mixed a deadly, colorless, tasteless, odorless substance with my lotion, smeared it gently on my breast, rubbed it on my vagina, put some on my lips: I coated every part of my body I knew he enjoyed putting his mouth and tongue on, and watched him swallow every bit of his own saliva, mixed with the substance.

Dave, sometimes, a cheating, filthy, lying bastard, ought to die – for you to live. I deserved to live, Dave. I deserved to live. I’m glad our incompetent Ghanaian medical doctors could still not diagnose the true cause of his death after the autopsy. Everybody, including his family, all think he died from an acute liver problem. I am cheating on my current husband because I don’t want to lose another man in a marriage; so I would rather want to cheat on him too, as a form of closure – in order not to lose my mind. He started cheating on me when I was Seven (7) months pregnant. Smh! These foolish men eh: we give them everything, yet, they choose to fool around. I feel very sorry for this my current husband. I’m still timing him closely. His time will come.”


“I was dating Two (2) men when I found out that I was pregnant. I had to choose between the two guys, which amongst them fit into my idea of a ‘perfect’ father/husband. I chose my husband over the other. My husband is the ‘Good-Guy’ type, very homey, decent, responsible and committed. The other gentleman is more of the ‘Fun’ type, full of energy and jokes. I don’t want to lose any of them – because they both mean different things to me. So, yeah, I’m also cheating on my husband (in fact, did I even stop cheating on both men?) This life! So f**ked up!”


“I am a lesbian. My partner and I have been together since our University days. She’s my rock, and we both love each other very much. I married a man because in my family, no woman had to be single and childless… So I guess I married just to fit in society. My lady understands, so we are cool.”

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