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Lydia Forson

The founding editor of the entertainment blog,, Chris Vincent has asked his followers the difference between Lydia Forson and Akuapem Poloo after the former posted a video of her dancing rocking a thigh-split dress.

The blogger’s question comes on the back of some comments Lydia Forson made in relation to the President’s response to a question posed to him by a gender activist some days ago at the Women Deliver Conference in Canada.

The President said then that, despite the majority being women in Ghana, not much political action had been witnessed in their push for greater inclusion in Ghana’s political administration.

This comment made by the President received mixed reactions and one of the persons who disagreed with the president was Lydia Forson who mocked the President for making such a comment.

Chris Vincent who seems to share same sentiments with the President on the subject, made series of posts to make his argument and this new one is one of such posts, he’s made in the past, blaming women like Lydia Forson for not making an effort to be at the decision table, yet spend all their time making all sorts of ‘useless’ posts for Social media likes and comments.

Posting the video of Lydia dancing, he wrote;

Can we all agree, on equal terms, that indeed our dearest Tuobodom Minister for Gender and Feminism Affairs—Lydia Forson whose headquarters is based on social media has fought well in this video which she posted yesterday and thus deserves to sit around the decision-making table with Nana Akufo Addo and the rest?

When I said half of our 52 percent population who are women are jokers—-at best Slay Queens, unemployed models and actresses wandering on social media for likes and comments, my friend just reiterated my point.

We need to get serious in this country called Ghana. Who said there is no dynamism or whatever, don’t you see it well represented in this video?

Good Morning! What idea are we selling here this time.

My question, answer for 100 cedis: what is the real difference between this and what Akuapem Poloo does?

—Chris-Vincent Agyapong.

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