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Renowned marriage counselor, Dr. Mrs. Charlotte Oduro has finally exposed why Ghanaian female celebrities are not getting married and she gave the reason explicitly.

Counselor Oduro disclosed that most of the Ghanaian female celebrities go to the gym, have the best of shapes but yet are not married. The reason is that they don’t have patience.

“Some of the stars here, they go to the gym, they are beautiful, do they have husbands? They marry today, they walking out because they have patience they can’t wait. He cheated on me, when I saw the calls, I saw the messages he’s sleeping with somebody…”

She also explained the reason why she said when your husband cheats, don’t shout at him but rather make love to him. She said:

“the men, when they cheat, and they know that you’ve caught them, they are expecting you to get angry when they come, they expecting you to react when they come, why won’t women change for a day, why don’t we surprise the men”

She further explained that, when you make love to a man after he cheats, he will be like a baby to you, anything you tell him, he will listen. He becomes calm and ready to apologize.

She also cautioned women that, they should not shout or prevent their husbands from making love to them but rather they should go all out for them anytime he cheats.

Counselor Oduro recently voiced out that, wives should pamper their husbands with luxurious gifts such as phones, movie tickets, cars, and several others when that happens, it makes the husbands feel proud of them.

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