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44-year-old Nsawam based trader, Gladys Mensah is gradually losing her 5 bedroom house to a pastor.
Madam Gladys Mensah, a single mother of three, has traded in oranges for the past 17years; she had to resort to selling her only property to save her life after she took ill.

Narrating her story to crimecheckghana, Gladys Mensah said, she took ill shortly after she was bitten by a nine-year-old boy and a cat.

“I fell ill shortly after I was bitten by the cat and I visited the hospital frequently but my health kept on deteriorating and I lost all the money on me” she said.

According to her, she decided to sell her uncompleted 5 -bedroom house to keep soul and body together and she got contacted by one pastor Elisha who promised to buy her house.

“I was bedridden at this point so I turned over the sale of the house to a friend of mine whose property is close to mine. I told the pastor to contact my friend for all the details but he insisted on seeing me; I MET WITH THE PASTOR AND I TOLD HIM I WAS SELLING THE HOUSE FOR THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND GHANA CEDIS ONLY"(GHC35, 000).

Madam Gladys said she needed to sell her property because at this point all her three children had dropped out of school and her rent was due.


“I just needed to survive, the pastor after seeing me said, I will lose my life if I do not move out of my apartment because the cause of my sickness was from the house, a place I have lived for 4-years, he then offered to buy my house for THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED GHANA CEDIS,” she said tearing.

According to her, two days after her meeting with the pastor she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital after she regained consciousness she came to the realization that what the pastor said must be true.

“Two days later, I got a call from the pastor, he insisted on paying THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED GHANA CEDIS , so I asked him to send me FIVE HUNDRED GHANA CEDIS for the interim and he did’ she added that “the pastor sent me NINE THOUSAND GHANA CEDIS a week later, he then called saying, he was going to roof the house, I told him not to, then he started demanding for the documentation of the house” she narrated amid tears.

According to Gladys, the pastor is now demanding for his nine thousand five hundred Ghana cedis or the documentation of the house.

“I do not have the money he is asking for, I used all on my hospital expenses, I am pleading with benevolent individuals and the general public to come to my aid, help me pay him off his money because even if I will die I want to leave the house for my children” she said.

According to the doctor’s report, Gladys Mensah has developed bilateral polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

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