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Naturally endowed backside gender activist, Victoria Lakshmi Hamah has vowed never to step foot on Joy Fm and its sister media outlets under the Multimedia brand because they subjected her to public ridicule over her huge buttocks.

According to her, a story was written on their online platform and instead of using her image, they decided to use a generic image of a woman with huge buttocks reasons she is blacklisting the media house.
Victoria Hamah who used to host Chocolate Factory on one of the channels on Multi TV on Metro TV Good Evening Ghana monitored by wondered why they could use buttocks to represent her.

“I saw this thing on Joy Fm and the Deputy Minister…guess the picture that was there? They took somebody’s buttocks in a red hat. It was not me…it was somebody’s buttocks and that was my face. That is what media is in this country”, the former Deputy Communication Minister revealed.

She continued, “What does it tell people when they read that? When people read the story is about Victoria Hamah and there is an ass there? The media which is a very important factor in our development, I think probably have allowed political and commercial interest in their work. It is still online and it is shameful. I will never step foot at multimedia because I was objectified”

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