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Kwaku Manu has made a very shocking revelation. The popular Kumawood actor has disclosed that he has been sexually involved with other women regardless of his marital status.

According to the actor, it is difficult for men to be faithful to their wives, especially if they do not live together.

Kwaku Manu emphasized that any man who tells his wife that she is the only person with whom he has sexual relations with is nothing but a liar.

He added that if a 100 men are randomly selected, he would swear that only 1% of the men are indeed faithful to their wives.

He concluded by advising ladies to pray that the man they marry should be a person who respects ladies.

He said that if women failed to say this prayer, they are likely to marry men who will cheat on them and rub in in their faces.

However if they get a get a man who respects women, he may cheat in secret but he will apologize when he is caught.

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