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Indigenous women from Damfa, Kweiman, Otinibi and Amrahea in the La-Nkwantanang Municipality have invoked curses on government officials, the Police and all elements who are party to a grand scheme to preventing the release of lands acquired by government to them.

The ritual was triggered by a demolishing exercise led by the Greater Accra Regional Police Operations Commander, ACP Kwesi Fori last Sunday, May 12, 2019.

Over hundred houses at various stages of construction, some even completed were pulled down with bulldozers.

The women with clothes covering their lower body parts and red bands tied to their heads invoked on the government officials and police.

A ram was slaughtered and the blood used for the rituals, cautioning traitors among them to desist from stabbing them at the back.

The Government of Ghana in August 1970 acquired over thousand acres of land from the above communities for a cattle ranch but has refused to compensate the owners till date, a situation which necessitated a negotiation between government and the primary owners.

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