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Ghanaian Sensational actress and Entrepreneur, Juliet Ibrahim has taken to her Instagram page to throw shades at critics who disrespect single mothers. In her post she wrote;

Isn’t it funny how people seem to forget that there is no rewind button to undo everything that didn’t work out in our lives?
When I see the attacks on single mothers including myself It’s always mind-baffling, to be honest. So what is the decision-making sin that single mothers are so badly guilty of? Being single?! Suddenly, “Single mother” is defined as a woman who’s bad and deserves bashing?!
If a single mother is not in a relationship, regard- less of the reason; she’s always to blame, yet we give men praises for being adulterers and jerks so long as he’s “good to his kids” .
If a man doesn’t get “tagged” or “bashed” for actually being at fault for why a relationship ended, why isn’t the woman given the same leniency, even if why the relationship ended wasn’t her fault? Or maybe it was her fault but it was still for the best?
Telling my story soon enough. It’s about time.


Such a patriarchal society we live in…. I’m the product of a single mother and proud ❤️… tell your story darling.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ At this point in my Life, I am more passionate about having my babies than I am about getting married. I could actually consider adopting and being a single parent. Humans are insatiable and I am thankful I have a large heart that is capable of giving no fucks what anyone thinks. It is the only way to breathe ❤️💦
I think we as society, if we focus on raising boys to be better husbands/boyfriends, as much as we focus so much on raising girls to be great wives and girlfriends, things will just be so much better. But unfortunately, we as women have to stay strong and fight for what’s right and pray it will get better in time whilst living in a mans world 😂😂.
Juliet Ibrahim is one of many women who are single mothers and are doing good for themselves. Aced broadcast journalist, Nana Aba Anamoah is another clear example of single mothers who have done well to take care of themselves and their children.
As mother’s Day is fast approaching, we take this opportunity to wish all mothers a happy Mothers’ Day in advance!

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