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One of the most female  sensational voices on radio in Ghana,  is Multimedia journalist, Afia Pokuaa aka Vim Lady. She is respected as the voice of the people and has excel as one of the best journalists in Ghana.

Well, despite all these talents coupled with her exceptional beauty, Afia Pokuaa is not married. She has finally opened up on the kind of man she deserves to settle down with.

In an interview with Hitz FM, another subsidiary of Multimedia, Vim Lady listed the attributes her kind of man should possess and if you are stupid, even if you are rich and handsome, you are automatically disqualified…lol.....

“I’m tough, a man should also be tough, I go out with men, what tickles me about a man is intellectual discourse, you should be mentally strong up there. You should be able to challenge me, you should be mentally strong than me, you shouldn’t be a walkover. Men are not scared of me they enjoy conversations with me, I used to be a Tomboy, the men are never afraid of me, the men are there,’ she stated.
Vim lady added that she is not the most beautiful person on earth as such her mind is her power. She wants a man she can learn something from and will challenge her mentally.

‘My toughness is my weapon, I didn’t create myself, I’m not the most beautiful woman, so everything God gives me I build myself, even growing up I didn’t think I was beautiful, I comot am long ago, so mine is mental strength, how to build that and use that as my advantage”

“The beauty I didn’t get some, so a man has to be better mentally than me and challenge me, and say Afia sit down, but I won’t so you have to give me reasons why I should and then I become weak and I sit,’ Vim lady added.

Afia assured that man that she will cook, massage and do pedicure for him. But in return, he must also engage her in productive intellectual discourse in any field be it politics, entertainment, religion, lifestyle, etc.


She ended by asking people to stop telling her to marry. She assured her fans she will marry when the time is right for her

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